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Ventilation Hood Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Range Hood That’s All Greasy and Dusty  

If your range hood absolutely caked with grease, the following ventilation hood cleaning blog is exactly what you need. A hood over the stove can be a wonderful thing to have, however, the cooking oils from your favorite food can often do a number on it. These simple tips will show you how to clean an oven hood and ensure it keeps looking like new.

Wiping Down the Exterior of Your Range Hood

The first step is to wipe down the exterior of your hood where all the cooking grease has landed. You will need to use thick paper towels or your best rags to really clean this. To make sure you break up the grease and dust, try using anti-grease dish soap. Mix some with warm water, and then thoroughly wipe down the hood. Finish this up with a basic cleaner spray such as a vinegar solution and some paper towels to remove any leftover residue.

Note: If you do purchase a special cleaner that is specifically designed to cut through grease or use another household chemical, always find a small corner on your range hood and test it out first. These can be extremely powerful grease destroyers, which are known to damage certain finishes, so make sure they are safe to use first!

Cleaning Away Any Stains Beneath the Hood

Now the time has come to clean the underside of the hood, around where the vent is. If it has been a while since this was done, this area could be a blackened mess. This is why it is a good idea to use a scrubbing brush that can tackle any large grease or ash deposits. Gas ranges do tend to get especially dirty in this area.

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