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Not Sure Which Is the Best Exhaust Hood for You?

Tips from a Hood Cleaning Service on Choosing the Best Exhaust Hood

Choosing an exhaust hood will greatly depend on various factors. Range hoods come in different strengths and sizes, in addition to their levels of noise. Even though bigger may seem better that is not always the case. An exhaust hood which is too powerful can be a complete waste of money and does not do a better job than one which is the proper size for your needs.

The purpose of exhaust hoods is to extract stale air from a kitchen and get it out of a room or filtering it to return it back to a kitchen. A vented exhaust hood has to be placed on exterior walls. As they will extract air and expel it to the exterior of a home. Ventless hoods draw air in and then force it through filters before releasing it back into a room.

Vented hoods are said to be more effective than their ventless counterparts, however, some homes are unable to use vented exhaust hoods. If that’s the case, the stove is placed on an exterior wall, so ventless hoods can be used.

Even though they are not the best, ventless hoods can still be extremely effective. They will filter air to either a disposable filter, using charcoal or reusable filters. The latter is made out of metal and is able to be cleaned and reused again. The key to getting a good performance from a filter is to keep it free from obstructions. This can be done by either replacing it or by hood cleaning.

Once you have made the decision on which exhaust hood you want, you will be then ready to narrow down your choices. The measurement needed to choose the right exhaust hood, is cubic feet per minute, or cfm for short. The higher the cfm, the more powerful it will be.

Unless you have a large kitchen or are a professional cook. Often, the more powerful the hood is, the louder it will be. The amount of noise created is measured by sones. The lower the number, the quieter the hood is.

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