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Is Your Kitchens Hood Full of Grease?

Tips on Fast Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Before you start any kitchen hood cleaning job, first read up on your owner’s manual. This should tell you what kind of filter it houses, in addition to noting any special cleaning techniques or cautions to adhere to. As with most electrical appliances, a hood must first be disconnected from the power source. Any exterior surfaces are generally cleaned with a mild detergent or a kitchen degreaser. Make sure you do not spray any chemicals straight on the light or fan and that the light bulb or bulbs are cool before you begin to clean. If any water or cleaning products hit a hot bulb, it will shatter the bulb.

The next thing to do in a kitchen hood cleaning project is to find out if your hood is vented or not. A vented one sucks air through a pipe, which is then vented outside while non-vented ones will circulate air through its filter, and then back into the kitchen. For these types, you may need to call a professional and get them to clean the vent pipe. Make sure to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on how often a professional cleaning is needed.

Some range hoods have activated charcoal filters, which have to be regularly checked. Charcoal filters are never cleaned as it will make them less effective when removing odors. They must be replaced during every hood cleaning job. You can find replacement ones at most appliance dealerships.

For cleaning mesh grease filters, you need to remove it and wipe off as much excess grease as you can. If the build-up is light, the filter can simply be washed in a dishwasher, using a regular dishwasher detergent. The heat will remove some if not all of the grease, however, for heavier build-up try soaking the filter in a degreaser first. Kitchen degreasers that have ammonia in should do the job, however, automotive degreasers will be more effective. Before you replace the filter, make sure it is totally dry.

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